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Hello everybody that still reads this, Sparks here 

Time to give an update about the stuff that happened the last couple of months.
I started high school. Depending on where you live this has a different meaning. In my country you have two different choices when you're done with secondary school: University and High School. And because I'm not the type of guy that likes to study a lot I'm doing High School.

So in september I started with High School and I'm studying Biotechnology (chemistry + biology). Made some cool new friends and lost some older ones. But the experiences I had with that the last few years thought me one thing: That's life, and you gotta deal with it. 

Anyway much of my time has gone into high school. And I do not like it....Hence why I don't post many Moc's lately. And of course videogames. I've been playing several Final Fantasy games and some Pokémon games I've never played before. 

Other news is that my Mother Brain moc won BBC #66 (my second win in a BZpower contest) and I received some cool prizes :3

I still have to do my christmas finals..I have them in January which I absolutely don't like because the christmas holidays are not days in which I have to study D: I was thinking to make some Moc's in that time but has to ruin it

So yeah, that's about it

Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats on the win Dylan. :clap: What cool prizes did you get?

Would you mind explaining this whole school thing to me more? I'm very fascinated to know how different counties do things compared to America. I truly think the American public education system has fallen into ruin. It doesn't do much to prepare people to be successful in the real world or give them skills they can use to find a job. For the most part it fills our heads with useless knowledge and sends us on our way.

I'm sorry to hear school tales up all your time. That seems to be the case with a lot of MOCers lately. But best of wishes to you with school. Biotechnology sounds pretty cool. Maybe you'll figure out how to make a real life bionicle some day, at least from the biological side. What kind of fields or careers can a person go into with a degree in biotechnology? Is that like pharmaceutical type stuff? 
Sparkytron Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
My prize was a Hero Factory Black Brain slug (which wasn't available in my country so that's nice), a Chi Laval and a Aquagon set.

The school system is very easy to explain. After secondary school (so when you are 18 years old) you can go to High School or University. University is like the university as everybody knows it. High School is on a lower level than University but you have more practical experience and a good bunch of theoretical stuff too. Even after High School you can go one year to university to get a masters degree.

Biotechnology is divided in three sub courses. Environment, Cell and Genes and Food. So I can still choose what to do. I'm thinking to go for environment because the other two are not really my favourite subjects..

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December 19, 2013