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For those who don't know what this journal entry is about

How many people can say they worked two years on a MOC before it was finished? I don't actually know somebody except for myself. So I decided to show what went through my mind and why it took so long to finish Captain Redbeard Blindeye. Plus I always wanted to write a journal/blog like something about the process of a MOC. (The reason it took two years makes it even better in this case)

So this started as an idea to upload to LEGO Cuusoo. The idea was to make a set like the Architecture line but for contraction figures. Just like the Architecture set, something to have on a display. I had several concept ready for what could be a possibility for a set like that. Of course I had to figure something out that would fit as a constraction set, only for display and wouldn’t be ‘bring back bonkles’. That last one was my main concern since most of my humanoid MOC’s could fit into the BIONICLE/Hero Factory universe.

So I looked back into the past themes of LEGO. And how I could merge those with constraction set pieces and without it looking too much like something that came out of the BIONICLE and/or Hero Factory universe (because Cuusoo won’t accept those proposals). I came up with the following characters that could be made into a detailed constraction for-display-purposes-only set: Pirate, Samurai, Viking, Knight, etc..

Now two years later and I have one character example ready. That was just the idea I had and I'm probably never going to submit it too Cuusoo. First reason is because I thought you could submit an idea of a series of 3 or more sets. That policy has been updated to no matter how many MOC’s you submit only one of them could become a potential set. I believe Minecraft in the exception on this but whatever. Second is that it is probably never going to work and I put all the effort into it for nothing.

But back to Captain Redbeard Blindeye. After I had the basic idea for how the set(s) should look like I searched on Brickshelf, Flickr, MOCpages for stuff like this. So I came across Elzy’s Hero Factory pirate . And that was exactly what I needed.  

May 17, 2012 Version 1 

So on May 17 2012 I started to make my own pirate. As most of the times with my MOC’s I start with the legs and go up from there. So I made the peg leg and the upper leg. I also used Optimus Convoy (Kevin Huxtable) his Meltdown beard idea because you know. Pirate captains need a beard. And it kind of worked with the hat. 

May 17, 2012 Version 2 

On the same I continued with the left leg to make a boot and the upper leg. That wasn’t too hard and voila. The legs were done

May 18, 2012 Version 3 

The day after I continued with the hip area. A simple Vahki hip piece worked just fine and I found a way to cover it up. From this moment the legs couldn't move that much. And like the original idea, for display purposes only. The Rahkshi heads and the blue piece on the crotch are all connected with some technic pieces but are not connected to the vahki hips. They actually sit in place which allows it to flow almost perfectly with the legs. 

And then my main problem with this MOC appeared. “What to do with the torso”. I really had no idea what to do with it. I uploaded the WIP to Flickr in the hope to get some suggestions. I did get some but I couldn't really pull them off at that moment. So I left it on my WIP shelf until I got some inspiration to work on it again.

However at the end of May I moved out from my parents’ home to someplace else for a couple of months and took my LEGO collection with me. This resulted at the WIP MOC’s being disassembled to make it easier to take them with me.

August 26, 2012 Version 4

After a few months (and Kingmarshy’s several reminders) I decided to give it another shot and make a torso for it. The torso looked way too mechanical and I scrapped it again. The torso design made his way into another MOC 

January 25, 2013 Version 5 

In December I moved back to my parents and of course same story, took all my MOC’s apart to make transport easier. Again it was Kingmarshy who reminded me that Captain Yellowbeard was still not finished. And again I decided to give it another shot. I had to rebuild him again, changed the foot and went with Hero Factory pieces to give him a more human/organic like look instead of the mechanical torso of the previous version

It didn't quite worked out but at least I had something more than the previous attempt. Because I actually didn't care anymore for the whole Cuusoo idea/project I didn't finish him and got distracted by BBCC #64, video games, school and the 2013 MOCathalon. So goodbye Captain Yellowbeard and hello other MOC’s that did get finished.

In September – November I spent most of my time playing Final Fantasy, Pokémon and several other games because I didn't really care about school. Now Final Fantasy III DS was a game I absolutely loved and the Red Mage job was one of my favourites. So being the MOC’er I am I searched for a way to build it and ordered me some sails from the Queen Anne’s Revenge set. Because it would be perfect to make the cape for the Red Mage. And maybe you know, but like Captain Yellowbeard..I couldn't pull it off and scrapped it.

April 3, 2014  Version 6 

On April 1 I cleaned up and sorted all the parts because my whole collection had become a mess and I couldn't find the parts I wanted and that’s when I found the sails again and Captain Yellowbeard’s head (who in some miraculous way was still intact). Then from that moment, I knew how to fix the problems I had with the previous versions. So I decided to rebuilt the legs for another time. And suddenly I saw Chi Laval’s Ultrabuild head before me and I thought to myself: “Hey that kinda looks like a beard this way”. So I put the hat on it and OMG!!!!. Perfect match. I stayed on with friction but I was so happy because the head looks much better than the original Yellowbeard (and Laval his head was my idea instead of the use of the Meltdown head which was Kevin Huxtable his idea so originality + 5 :D) So goodbye Yellowbeard and hello Redbeard.

April 3, 2014 Version 7 

After talking to Cezium via WhatsApp he encouraged me to keep going because it looked awesome. So I went back to the torso idea from Version 5. But it didn’t look quite as good as I hoped and I was like “not again”. I really wanted to finish it now. It took me two years to get here and was not planning to quit on him again. So finally took myself to the In the Bricks guys (for those who don’t know. It is a forum with Bionicle builders who knows what they are doing. The most famous one of them is Patrick Biggs aka. Deevee). 

April 9, 2014 Version 8  

After I posted Version 7 on the forum Elzy himself (where the whole idea started) gave some feedback together with some other guys who suggested I should go for a black/gold torso with some white that works as the shirt he wears beneath his black jacket and red cloak. In that time I gave the hat a connection point so that it wouldn't keep falling off with the slightest movement. I listened to them as this became the result.

April 11, 2014 Version 9 

The last suggestions were not difficult to do. And included making the legs a bit longer to make it better proportion wise. So after that was done I changed the sword hilt and finally. He was finished

And that all took me almost  two years and I’m glad it is done. While it still can be made better in some aspect I’m satisfied with the MOC and I’m not going to change it for a while. 

Was it all worth this explanation? For you maybe not, but I wanted to do this for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity.


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HacimBricks Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Wow! The longest I have ever spent on a moc is like 3 months.
3rdeye88 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Reading this made me appreciate the Captain even more. I wanted to comment on him first before here cause that felt fitting. Its nice to see you document the entire journey this MOC went through. Like I said, makes me appreciate this MOC being completed that much more.
welcometothedarksyde Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's quite a story, sucks when a MOC hits limbo/ development hell. I haven't had one for two years, but there's a MOC I've been working on for about a year by now that I haven't posted. Even then I haven't modified much on it in months.
Sparkytron Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
And I can tell you, it feels so good if you ever finish it :D
Sam-Sanister Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
I can't say that I've worked on a MOC of my own for two years, let alone 2 weeks. But I have been co-building a Lego trebuchet with a friend for about a year or so.  It's bigger than the current record holder, 'Flinger 2.0' on MOCpages.
TheOrcCorp Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Meltdown beard idea keeps going back to the outgoing link page...apart from that, great journal! :D
Sparkytron Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Fixed the link. Thanks for reading and telling me :)
TheOrcCorp Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome! ^^
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April 11, 2014