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Now that the first info about the 2015 Bionicle reboot is out I guess it is time to tell you guys a story, aye? Basically how Bionicle has influenced my life (in someway).

Beware, spelling and grammar will not be 100% correct. You have been warned ;D 

So in the year 2001 I was about 7 years old. And already played with LEGO. I had the normal bricks and the collection of 6 Roboriders and 3 Slizer sets. Of course I played more with the Roboriders and Slizer sets then with my other old LEGO sets. Why? Because they were freaking action figures man, or robotic racers. That stuff is sooo much cooler than building a house. And one day, I was in a store with my mom and we walked in the toy aisle of that store. And of course we stopped at the LEGO sets. And there I saw it. The Toa Tahu set. There was something about it that catched my eye as a little kid. I don’t know what but I just had to get that set. And my mom bought it for me and I played with it together with my Roboriders and Slizers. I can almost remember the fun I had.

Because my parents saw how much I loved that set they told the rest of my family what to get for my birthday. And so on my 7th birthday I almost got the whole collection of Bionicle ranging from the Toa to some Rahi sets. I quickly figured out that the Roboriders and Slizers didn’t belong in the same world as the Toa so I kept them separate when I played with them.

So year after year my family always knew what to buy for me at my birthday or as Christmas presents. And this continued until 2006. I still got Bionicle at my birthday but not as many as before because I also got interested in Exo-Force at the time. And getting both themes was a very expensive thing. However my parents didn’t support me that much anymore in playing with LEGO. And so I kinda lost interest in it for a while. Also had to do with the fact that school was actually becoming a burden for me at that time and the whole “growing up” thing. And of course people made fun of because I played with LEGO…Yep at the age of 12-13 years people/classmates made fun of me because of that. I got some Exo-Force sets in 2007 but no Bionicle sets.

In 2008 I started to make my own creations, followed up the storyline till that point because I finally understood basic English. Of course I kept this secret from my school out of fear that they would laugh at me again. My parents also didn’t really support it back then because they thought I was growing too old for it. I do not blame them, because the target range was 7-14 years xD

At the age of 15 (2009) I transferred to a different school because it had a course I liked more than at my old school. However back then we didn’t really use msn or even a phone (unlike now). I left everything behind because nobody of my old school went to the new one. And I could be whoever I was. But because I kept my love for LEGO a secret I decided to actually tell people that I played with it. And my new class didn’t make fun of me. They actually supported it. “Oh man, that’s cool. What do you build?” and stuff like that. I was so surprised of it that I actually wanted to get back into collecting sets because I missed 2 years of new parts. So behind my parents back I bought the new Bara Magna sets. I started to get more active online (despite my bad English bad then) and posted some creations online. It was also at that time there were some official contests I could enter. The first one was the Certavus contest. It was the first contest I ever entered and I made it to the second round of voting. And you cannot imagine how proud I was. After all this time, people didn’t make fun of me
and some people actually liked that creation enough to vote for it. This really gave me a boost to keep doing what I like. Making stuff with Bionicle. In the same year there was another contest, The Sentry contest, where you had to make a canonical appearance for Kyry. A small agori from the Fire Tribe. Of course my talents were not that good as they are now and I literally spent two full weeks (if it weren’t three) to make my entry. I tried out sooo many things, from custom helmets, weapons, legs, arms. And I kept changing it over and over and over. Always making it too complex so that it would end up in a horrible MOC with weird proportions or weird looking limbs.  Eventually I went with a more simplistic design because it looked ok, yet it had the originality so that it was different enough from a set Agori. And I won that contest. As a 15 year old boy that loved Bionicle ever since it came out I made a creation that was part of the storyline I loved. You cannot imagine what impact that had on me. So I told my parents that I won a contest and funnily enough they didn’t understand that  I didn’t won a physical prize yet it was so important to me. And it was the first time in a looong time that they actually saw me happy. (I am not going into the detailed dark times of my life). And they were happy as well.


We are now in 2010. My parent decided to support my hobby for LEGO again. I made more and more MOCs. And slowly got somewhat popular I guess. Yes it was sad to see Bionicle ending in that year. But it didn’t matter. I had the fun I needed as a kid and it actually helped me through my dark times. A freaking toyline. Can you imagine. But I made the trigger to not focus on sets anymore or a story about a fictional universe and more to the actual creating of my MOCs. And try to win more contests on BZPower and stuff like that. Getting myself popular on the big Bionicle fan websites. I entered some BZP contest but didn’t make it that far. And trying to win another canon contest (The melding Teridax, Iron Wolf and Tobduk one). I made it to the second place with the Tobduk contest. Close enough I guess.


In 2011 only one real exciting thing happened. I went to a LEGO convention where some of my MOCs would be displayed. It was at LEGOWORLD in The Netherlands, because it was somewhat close and do-able. I stood there for one day. Me and Speardragon were the only ones with custom created BIONICLE/HERO FACTORY MOCs. So all the kids and even adults came to our little stand. And just seeing the face of the children. I even had so many parents asking me if they could buy it or even make it themselves. It was such a weird experience because the creations weren’t even that good compared to what I can build now. I even talked with some set designers and it was one the best experiences I ever had. I wish I can do something like that again someday.


2012 was not that important, it was just making MOCs, hope they get noticed and repeat that progress for the entire year.


2013 was a slow year for creating MOCs. I had my first gaming laptop and I literally played day in, day out on it. However the few MOCs I made I still consider some of my best works. Also won my first BZP contest which ended up in me getting four prototype BIONICLE pieces. AND it was the first time one of my creations got blogged by TheBrothersBrick. And both was done by Eris.  While some may not find it that special, I still see getting blogged for the first time as a nice achievement. I also won my second BZP contest with Mother Brain which ended up in me getting a black Brain Attack brain (which were unavailable in my country). So 2013 was a good year for MOCing after all.


Now we are in the year 2014. Also a very slow year for MOCing. BUT, I achieved something that not so many people can tell. And I’m still proud that I can actually say that. My Captain Redbeard Blindeye MOC is getting featured in Mike Doyle's book “Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark”. Together with some other BIONICLE builders’ creations.


So, in my 14 years of LEGO loving craziness I did achieve anything I ever wanted to get with LEGO.
- Getting one of my creations in actual canon

- Going to a LEGO convention (with my MOCs displayed)

- Getting prototype pieces

- Getting Blogged

- Winning a BZP contest
- Getting featured in a LEGO book


Now, do I still have dream on what to in the future. Well of course. Getting a job as a set designer would be the greatest thing ever. Or even a job at LEGO itself. But I’m fully aware on how slim the chances are that I’m not going pursue it. Why? Because I think turning my hobby into my job would be a bad idea. LEGO and playing videogames is all I have when I’m not doing school or work. I like to keep it that way.


So yeah, BIONICLE sure had a great influence in my life and has become a big part of my life. It is a toyline that I will NEVER forget and I hope I can one day introduce my kids to something similar. Am I excited for BIONICLE 2015? Yes, LEGO is bringing back a part of my life, my memories, my childhood. And I couldn’t be happier. BIONICLE is more than just a toyline for me. It is one of the few things I have.

I will tell my opinion about the new sets another time. When I feel like it.
If you wonder which MOCs I talked about, they can all be found here….


~Sparks out






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Dylan Mievis
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I'm Dylan Mievis also known as "Sparky" or "Sparkytron" on various websites.
As you might see on my page here I'm a LEGO builder. You might call what I do not art but hey, DA has a LEGO category for something right?

I do what I love to do which is building with LEGO, more with BIONICLE/HERO FACTORY but I also use use normal bricks sometimes.

To see all of my creations check the link to my Brickshelf gallery below.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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